Turn Worries Into Prayers

Posted by Steph Whitley on 02/17/2020

I know without a doubt that I have a tendency to worry. I have a list of worries concerning my family and I am sure many of you do too. When I start rehearsing my worries over and over or when I start dwelling on the “what-ifs”, I need to make a shift. I need to shift from worry mode to prayer mode. 

Are you anxious about something today? When we remind our hearts over and over again of God’s compassion, care and power our hearts can have more peace. 

Here’s a pray for our worries:
God, I give You ___________ this once again. You know. You see. You care. And You are working. Come to my aid. Do not delay. You are strong and mighty and all powerful. Nothing is too hard for You. My case is in Your skilled and loving hands. Amen.

God when worries come, help us to recognize our tendency to worry and help us to make the shift from worry mode to prayer mode. Amen. 

Need extra prayers? Message us, we have a team that prays. 

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