Unified Parenting

Posted by Steph Whitley on 09/11/2019

"God, help my husband and I to be a team in parenting...united and undivided. Amen."

When our children were younger, it seemed like my husbånd and I were on the same page with parenting. And now that we have four teens, parenting can get a little tricky---sometimes my husband and I have different ideas. 

It takes a little discussing, a little processing and a lot of praying. : )

The one thing that I find myself constantly working on is resisting my tendency to correct my husband in front of our kids. Sometimes it's with my words and sometimes it's with my expressions/looks. Even though I "think" I am helping the situation, it always backfires and it's not a good example to our children. It is ALWAYS better to talk to him later in private. Why am I such a slow learner?!? Sigh. 

Prayer: God, help us to be united and undivided in our parenting. Give me self-control with my words and expressions when I don't agree with his parenting strategies or ideas. When we disagree, help us to "work things out" and get on the same page in private. Amen. 

This tool came from the Called to Be a Keeper Study available at KeepersMinistry.com Hugs to you all, Steph

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