Valentine's Day Party Idea for Couples with Printable Poem Invitation

Posted by Lori Merrill on 01/25/2018


Valentine's Day is only a few weeks away, but it isn't too late for you to plan and host a memorable party that helps couples have fun together. It serves as a great reminder of why and how they fell in love! My husband Steve and I have hosted this party several times over the years, always with different couples, so they can all learn more about one another and have lots of fun together. 

We have always set up a couple of chairs (balloons on them is one way to set them apart) as the central location where we have each couple share their story of how they met, and possibly something funny about their wedding day. This has always been a great time of getting to know other couples better and share in what God has done in one another's lives. We take pictures while they are sharing and then I send them to each couple after the party. Plus, everyone's wedding albums are sitting out for the evening, so people can peruse through them as desired. This has always been so much fun!

Please feel free to use the poem below (written by me). I used to print the poem on paper and mail invitations, but with today's technology it would be easy to make into an email invitation to save time and money. Same with taking would be so easy to post digitally and share.

Enjoy and have lots of laughs! 

In His Love,

A VALENTINES DAY PARTY [Click here to download and print]  

The time is upon us to celebrate love,

When cupid is among us, as quiet as a dove,


So, join us in our home for a night of festive fun,

We will begin promptly at 6:30 and party ‘til we’re done!


The date is the ninth, on Friday night,

Come with a sense of humor and prepared to see the sights.


Bring your wedding pictures-we are going to share,

Something funny at your wedding and how you became a pair,


Now, don’t be embarrassed or say you won’t come,

This will be a night of good old-fashioned fun!


We hope that you can make it, but if you are unable,

Please inform the hostess so she can plan the table.


Snacks, drinks and fellowship, plenty there will be,

We want you two to make it, to complete the company!


Host Names

Regrets only @Your Phone Number

Your Address



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