What Combines Biblical Lessons with Daughter & Mother Fun?

Posted by Leigh Ann Hudson on 09/06/2016


One of the comments we hear the most in the Keepers Ministry is, “I wish I had learned the truths in the Called to be a Keeper Bible study sooner.” Another comment is, “I wish you had this study for young girls.” Well, did you know that we do? Yes, we do!

It is called Little Keepers: Curriculum for Girls and their Moms! This full color, PDF curriculum combines Biblical lessons with daughter & mother fun.

Components of each Little Keepers event are: Theme Verse, Lesson, Gospel, Skill Session Craft, Memory Verse Cards, and FUN! There are 12 events total and every lesson is written out in an easy to follow curriculum format complete with teaching dialogue, supply lists, quick tips and photos.

Priorities – The events reinforce our priorities of God, Family, Home and Ministry as we are taught in God’s Word. 

Lesson – Each lesson includes dialogue you can read verbatim, or adjust as you see fit for your specific group. Plus, it includes specific questions, answers, and a review of what has been taught at previous events.

Gospel – Woven into every lesson is the gospel message including the plan of salvation verses. We also encourage anyone who has questions to speak to one of their leaders at the end of the event. 

Skill Session - We call each “craft” a skill session so that we continue the same “look” as the Called to be a Keeper Bible study. The theme verse for each lesson will be written on their skill session craft

Memory Verse Cards – You will give each girl a key ring with a cover card at the first event. At each event they will write the new theme verse or verses on their index card and add it to the ring. This instills the importance of Scripture memorization in the girls (and moms) hearts and minds.

You receive all of this for less than $3 per lesson. And there is no tax and no shipping costs since it is sent to you in digital format. The Little Keepers: Curriculum for Girls and their Moms! is only available in a PDF digital format. You will download, save, and print for your own Little Keepers group’s use. You can read more and purchase in our Keepers Shop.

**Learn more about discipling children at our Keepers Conference on October 15th. One of our break-out sessions is “We have Disciples in-the-Making Among Us” with guest speaker Stephanie Whitley. Have you ever thought, “I don’t know how to serve the Lord” all while your baby, toddler, preteen or teenager is across the table or sitting in the living room with you? Many of us want to serve God whole-heartedly by finding a ministry to be a part of, yet we don’t realize that the ministry is right under our nose. Our children ARE our ministry! We have good intentions so we just need some guidance, wisdom, and practical helps. Let’s learn together how to pour into our children the messages of God’s love throughout all stages of their lives. 

Read more and register from our Conference page. Space is limited, so reserve your seat  in our Keepers Shop today!


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