What is Your #1 Human Priority?

Posted by Lori Merrill on 02/08/2018


Before I learned what my priorities were supposed to be, they were based on whatever I wanted to do that day! I didn’t know what God’s Word said to women about priorities or living according to His standards and His plan for you and me as women.

That began to change as I studied Genesis 2:18, Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.” (emphasis mine).

As I studied Genesis 2:18 I learned that the Hebrew word for suitable means “what is conspicuous.” Now, if you are like me, this took a lot of thought to grasp the deeper meaning. However, what I came to realize is that the Hebrew word for “suitable” is conveying the idea that it will be obvious I am a helper to my husband.

I believe it will be obvious to my husband, others, and me when I allow God to make me into the suitable, or conspicuous, helper that He created me to be. I will serve in such a way that people all around will see I am Steve’s helper, but I am also a picture of what God created the marriage union to be…two people working together to glorify and honor our Lord. This affirmed and confirmed my desire to support, encourage, and help my husband as he serves the Lord in ministry, at work, and in our home.

This truth from God’s Word makes me realize even more how important it is for me to do whatever I can to enable Steve to be the man God wants him to be. To be your husband’s “helper suitable” involves making him a priority in your life. In fact, it means your husband should be your first human priority. Nothing should be more important to you in life, apart from God, than your relationship with your husband.

How would that look in practical everyday ways? It would mean serving him by being his biggest cheerleader, his confidante, his encourager, his supporter, and his friend.

Lord, help us to always make You first and our spouse our #1 earthly priority. Amen.

In His Love,

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