When My Husband is Stressed

Posted by Steph Whitley on 07/26/2019

Over the years, my husband has had several stressful streches with his work. Sometimes his workload was demanding and sometimes he was unsettled or unfulfilled. During these seasons, it was challenging for me to not take on his stress. I found myself needing extra prayer to be the wife I wanted to be.

Maybe your husband is stressed with work, finances or the future? Here are a few prayers...

Lord strengthen me each day so that.....
I can be supportive and understanding.
I can respond with gentleness and kindness.
I can provide a safe haven for his weary soul.
I can bless him with words of encouragment.
I can continue to pray him through. Amen.

Also, I just want to encourage you that the Lord hears your prayers for your husband. He is working and weaving and orchestrating even when you can't see evidence. Hugs, Steph Whitley

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