With God We Can Do Hard Things!

Posted by Steph Whitley on 04/01/2020

I connected with my MOP’s moms and my community group via zoom this past week. We each took turns sharing our challenges and how unsettling this time can be. But what encouraged my heart so much was hearing women share their glimpses of good in the hard.

For some, it was seeing siblings connect more.
For some, it was having more time with Dad.
For some, it was enjoying a slower pace.  

And it struck me... this is how we get through hard things:

1/We keep processing our emotions with God and we keep giving Him our worries, our fears and our “what-ifs”.
2/We keep sharing our hearts with one another by reaching out so that we don’t feel so alone.
3/We keep intentionally looking for gifts tucked into our ordinary and mundane days.
4/We keep reminding our hearts that God is with us and for us and nothing is too hard for Him.
5/We keep placing all of our hope and trust in Him alone because He is ever so faithful.

Sweet friend, if you are struggling today with fears, with responsibilities or with the unknown, please know you are not alone. May God lift your head. May God renew your strength and hope. May God equip you with strength for this season. You are so loved. Let us know if we can pray for you or someone you love.

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