Study Testimonies

What women are saying about the Called to be a Keeper Bible study:

"I am blessed to have grown deeper in my walk with Christ in this particular season of life as a stay-at-home-mom. The Lord introduced me to the Called to be a Keeper Bible study through a friend and I am forever grateful for that! This study is rich in text and interwoven with God’s holy Word as the guide throughout. I loved it that the study gave careful consideration to each aspect of God’s design for me as a woman. God’s desire to intimately speak to me through this Bible study changed the way that I live out priorities. To say that it has blessed me and my family tremendously is truly an understatement. I would highly recommend it to any woman in any stage of life from newly married to empty nesters — and everyone in between. As I was walking through week after week in the study, I remember thinking, “if only I had done this earlier in our marriage.” Lori Merrill is passionate in her teaching and relatable in such a personal way at the same time. To sum up the Keeper’s study in one word would be to say that it is ‘robust’, and truly an answer to my prayer."

-  Erin 

“As a mom of four young children, I often need the encouragement and reminders that, though my job as a stay-home mom is often thankless, it MATTERS. Keepers reminded me of how vital my job is and how God is at work in MY heart when I love and serve my family.”

- Caroline

“The “Called to be a Keeper” study encouraged me that the work I am doing as a wife and mom is important (something that the world isn’t telling me!) and clarified my priorities as taught in God’s Word. I think balance is a struggle for many women, myself included, and as I did the study and memorized the scripture verses God showed me areas of my life that were out of balance and needed to be adjusted. I feel like my relationship with God, my husband, children and friends are better as a result of the “Called to be a Keeper” Bible Study. It is truly a life changing study and I would recommend it to any woman!

- Carla

The Keepers study has been one of the most impactful Bible studies I’ve ever done! I’ve learned Biblical truth about my role as a woman following after God. Plus it’s been great to learn practical tips from wise women about running my home, practicing Christian hospitality, even fresh new ways to study God’s Word! It’s been a great blessing to me, and my family has noticed the difference too! The Keepers study teaches us the very essentials of living out our Christian walk as women. I think it actually covers a lot of what godly mothers used to pass on to their daughters, but in these days women often live far from their mothers or they have not been raised in a Christian home. I believe this study really fills a gap in training women how to live out their faith by being a godly wife, caring for their family, running an efficient home, and ministering to others. I’ve taught this study for several years and I always hear from the young women starting out their homes what a help the study was to them. The older women love having a refresher course too! I think it’s a great mechanism to bring younger and older women together to encourage each other and pass on Biblical truth and practical application!

- Heather

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