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Jesus, Our Perfect Example Bible study

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"For I gave you an example that you should also do as I did to you." John 13:15 

Jesus, Our Perfect Example walks you on the path of Jesus as He encounters various people and situations. Together with Lori we will study the examples of Christ in the following areas:

  • Prayer
  • Obedience
  • Facing Temptation
  • Loving Others
  • Forgiveness
  • Confronting Others
  • Compassion
  • Priorities & Rest

You will walk through the study taking an introspective look at your own life and how you can be more like Christ. Lori teaches about following the example of Christ to live in our "dailyness" so that God is glorified and others are drawn to Him.

This 8-week study is wonderfully suited for both men and women, teens to senior adults, to do in small group settings, as well as individual study. 

Do you want to live a life of peace, contentment, and joy? Then follow Jesus, our perfect example!

Table of Contents:

Week 1 - Jesus: His Example of Prayer

Week 2 - Jesus: His Example of Obedience

Week 3 - Jesus: His Example of Facing Temptation

Week 4 - Jesus: His Example of Loving Others

Week 5 - Jesus: His Example of Forgiveness

Week 6 - Jesus: His Example of Confronting Others

Week 7 - Jesus: His Example of Compassion

Week 8 - Jesus: His Example of Priorities &. Rest  

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