Where's the Water?! Series


LESSON 1: Do you place blame on others when you become discontent or things don't go your way?

Lori begins this series titled "Where's the Water?" by examining how we might be doing the same things the children of Israel were doing when they disagreed with their leaders, Moses and Aaron. You might be surprised how, in just a few minutes, the Lord may speak to you about your attitude towards those God has placed in authority over you.


LESSON 2: How do you react when you are faced with negativity and attacks from those you lead? What actions do you take to rectify the situation and restore those relationships?

In this lesson, Lori examines the reaction of the leaders, Moses and Aaron, as they are confronted with the Israelites discontent and anger. Lori also discusses the incredible truth of where and when we can meet with God.


LESSON 3: Do you do what God calls you to do, or do you modify His Word and commands? 

Listen as Lori shares when and how the Lord gave Moses three specific instructions in response to the strife between the Israelites and their leaders. Find out if Moses completely obeyed God’s instructions or not!



LESSON 4: Have you been partially obedient in the past? What blessings do you think it cost you?

Watch as Lori shares how Moses and Aaron suffer the consequences of partial obedience and how this applies to all of our lives. Carefully note how others in your life are impacted, even if they weren’t the ones who were directly disobedient.



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