Marriage Series



We encourage both men and women, single and married, to watch this video with Steve and Lori Merrill. Listen as Steve transparently shares about the dramatic impact the Keepers principles had on himself and their marriage. As Lori was learning about and living out God’s priorities, it forced Steve to take a look in the mirror and examine his walk with Christ.  

For those who are single, dating, or newly married, the wisdom and insight they share is extremely valuable so your relationships can be rooted in God’s solid foundations from the beginning.  

For those who are currently struggling in their marriage, or as difficulties arise, we encourage you to remember what Steve says, “In spite of what you may feel, or be experiencing from your husband, he’s watching…She can’t make me better. She can pray for me, but only the Lord can change me from the inside out.”  

We pray everyone is encouraged by their story of desperation to restoration in their relationship as they both sought His word on Biblical priorities. All glory to God that their testimony truly is a “product of prayers.”  


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