Testimonies about Keepers

Testimonies about Called to Be a Keeper and Keepers Ministry:

"As an older, single woman I didn't think the Keepers study was for me.  However, I liked the concept and thought I would try it.  The lessons were so rich in Scripture and so very interesting for any woman.  I recognized myself in so many of the lessons and saw how the premise of the lessons can help me (and anyone) every day in many ways.  Loved memorizing a new Scripture each week." Jeannie G., age 75

“As I did the Keepers study as an older, single woman, I realized how much I gained to help me be a better mentor for my daughters and granddaughter. My experience of using the study this way is just one of many ways it can touch women’s lives.  I hesitated taking it, don’t do that, jump in with both feet and see where you land. You won’t be sorry.” Ann N., age 78

Called to Be a Keeper inspired me and comforted me all at the same time! as a woman, i don’t have to be able to do it all perfectly—there is so much freedom in that! i just want to make sure my home is filled with the love of Jesus and hopefully anyone who is in our home can sense that love!” Krista L, age 29

"I love this study! It was one of those maturing markers in my life. My first time through it, I was a young ministry wife in my early twenties. The Lord used so many things in this study to develop and shape some major areas of my life. I’ve went back through portions of it yearly as sweet reminders of the work the Lord has done in my life. From priorities, to loving my husband, raising children, praying over my commitments, the list goes on and on! Such a valuable resource!" Amber S.

"The Keepers study impacted my walk with the Lord more than any other bible study I’ve ever done. God used His word through Lori’s teaching to help me get my priorities in order. I learned to put God 1st, then my husband, children, home, and THEN my career and ministries. This study literally sat on my book shelf for 8-9 years and made it through 2 moves before I worked through it. Called As A Keeper made such an impact on me that I went through it 2 times in the past year. I learned about biblical womanhood during a season when I needed it most. I can’t recommend it enough!!!" Jennifer K.

"Oh how I love this study! God used this to get a hold of me and my priorities! Set me on fire for pursuing Him, my husband, my children! Taught me what it means to love and serve others! So grateful for Lori's heart to inspire us and her obedience to write it!" Irene D. 

"Loved this study!! I learned how important my role as a woman and a wife is and how I should be fulfilling it: Honoring God first, then my husband and then my household. I also liked that it was for all stages of life, there is something to learn no matter what our marital status is or how old or young we are." Stephanie W. 

"We live in a world where we as women are bombarded with ideas that submission is for the weak, and we are constantly encouraged to find our fulfillment and purpose outside of our home. The “Called to be a Keeper” study helped me have such a clear understanding of what God’s word says about our biblical role as women or wives pursuing God’s purpose for our lives. It is so countercultural but so profoundly important to learn how God has called us to love our husbands, love our children and take care of our home. It’s more than “how to be a good homemaker” but how to find our purpose in God’s calling on our life. It is applicable to all women, single or married!"  Lindsey F.


 Video Testimonies:

How We Became Keepers –A Video Testimony You Don't Want to Miss! 

Lori was recently the keynote speaker at the "Live Out Loud" Conference at Discovery Bible Fellowship in Collinsville, Oklahoma. This was just one of the video testimonies that were shown throughout the event. It encouraged Lori to hear how God had used the study in these women's lives, so we wanted to share it with you. 

We invite you to listen to Amy and Melodie as they share their initial expectations and apprehensive responses when they started the Called to be a Keeper Bible study at their church. Melodie is a single mother and grandmother, and Amy is a young wife and mom.

We hope you are encouraged as they transparently discuss how they persevered through personal fears and learned from the study, especially on the subjects of serving and submitting.


Glenda Bliss: Called to be a Keeper Bible Study 

Listen as Glenda candidly shares that even as a pastor’s child growing up in church, she was never taught Biblical marriage principles and priorities. After a painful divorce, she still thought she was the “commanding officer” in her second marriage. Be encouraged by her testimony of hope, transformation, and new ministry opportunities. It is never too late to learn and flourish in God’s Truth!

Misty Hall: Called to be a Keeper Bible Study

Misty shares how the Called to be a Keeper study impacted her own marriage and restored the marriages of those in the Bible study. It is a powerful testimony of how learning God's Word and His priorities can transform lives.

Leigh Ann Hudson: Called to be a Keeper Bible study

Leigh Ann shares how taking the Called to be a Keeper Bible study changed her life and helped her as a single woman understand what God's Word teaches about a woman's role and her priorities.


Even MORE Testimonies:

Do you want to be encouraged? Here are more from ladies who attended our first Keepers Ministry Conference in October 2016:

  • I have felt so encouraged today! I feel like I have great tools & verses to be a Keeper!
  • God has taught me how to improve my lifestyle by prioritizing Him & helping others find ways to make our Father their ministry.
  • Just given me so much joy and encouragement to be gathered with all the women who love God and are wanting to follow the will He has for their lives.
  • Great reminders of God’s truths! 
  • It was so encouraging to be reminded today of the priorities that God asks of me. First, He is the center of my universe and needs to stay there always. God reminded me today that I am not keeping my priorities straight on a daily basis and I need to be. I also was encouraged by the Lord reminding me that I am not my husband’s Holy Spirit so I need to remember God’s high place and remember that my husband is my ministry.
  • Refocused on Jesus.
  • Today I learned the order of my priorities to be the woman God has called me to be in Scripture. I loved the application points to see how I can apply this now to my life.
  • I loved the personal experience that the speakers gave!
  • Time Management taught me to make time for others when I usually wouldn’t.
  • Reminded me of the priorities that I should have in my life.
  • Taught me to focus on God more even through the business of life. My life is crazy busy so this was much needed. Fellowship, teachings, Time Management & Submission break-outs, were all great and spoke to me.
  • That I’m glorifying God by serving my husband & to not let satan make me think that I’m not doing much for God’s Kingdom, when I really am by serving my husband and keeping the home.
  • Given me fresh perspective on my giants I’ve been facing and shown me that application very important.


Additional testimonies:

  • The most impactful study out there! I Love it. It has changed the way I honor God with my priorities. If you have never done it you are truly missing out!
  • This is the type of study you can do over and over and learn something new each time. It's applicable and purposefully draws you closer to God! My favorite!
  • It is my all-time favorite study. I truly dig deeper in God's word as well as look at what to change to make better within myself and my family! This is my fourth time to do the study and second time to lead it among other women striving to prioritize their life for God. Each time I learn something new about God's grace. Thank you Lori Merrill for pouring your heart into this ministry and all the other women who make this ministry team possible! 
  • I did it! It changed my life! It showed me what exactly my priorities are suppose to be and how to be a wife and a mom with the gospel as my mission! I literally tell anyone that will listen to do it! 

  • I attended the Keepers study for the first time many years ago. I learned about my God given priorities as a wife and mother. These teachings are timeless and apply to every season of a woman’s life.

  •  I learned that submitting to my husband is an act of obedience to God, not to my husband. It is not saying that my husband knows best, but trusting that God is bigger than any mistake my husband might make, and I can trust God. It is putting my trust in God. It is actually an interaction between me and my Lord, not me and my husband.




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