Perseverance through Trials Series


What is a trial? How do you respond when you face them? How can you view them from God's perspective? Watch as Lori touches upon this subject that we will all encounter.


When you encounter a trial, do you ask God to reveal to you what you are supposed to learn through it? Are you asking Him to help you persevere? Or are you resisting the work of God in your life? Learn with Lori as she teaches in James 1:2-4 and explains the Scripture, "And let endurance have its perfect result." You will be encouraged to learn that "perfect" is not as it seems. 


How does Scripture say we should respond to trials? How do we handle difficulties? Suffering? Times of questioning? Listen as Lori connects verse 5 to the previous verses of James so that we can learn how to respond in times of trouble.



What does the connecting word "but" mean for us in James 1:6? How does this impact us as we pray for wisdom? What do these connections in verses 6-8 have to do with trials, suffering, and doubt? Listen as Lori teaches us more in our Perseverance through Trials series. 


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